Advantages of Motorsports Marketing

Motorsports marketing has many advantages over traditional marketing and advertising methods. Infuse these in your racing program proposal and conversations with potential sponsors using the same intensity you race with, and you should have fantastic results in acquiring sponsorship. Here we go!

It's one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising, marketing and promotion out there.

The exposure that can be provided by media coverage of a motorsports event can have ten times the value of the cost of traditional advertising.

Racing attracts more sponsorship dollars than any other sport

No other sport provides as many different ways to promote a sponsor's affiliation with a race team

Unmatched excitement generation in delivering the advertising message for maximum impact on a sponsor's potential customers.

Race fans exhibit one of the highest levels of brand loyalty.

A small business can develop a Fortune 500 image through
sponsorship of a local race team.

Businesses can use the racing sponsorship for exciting and rewarding employee programs, entertaining clients and networking with other companies.

Branding and Creating Loyalty

Part of the whole motorsports marketing and sponsorship equation is helping a business build its branding. Want to know what branding is - just look at the AFLAC duck or McDonalds "golden arches". Repeated exposure to a unique "brand" can create a strong memory association in the mind of the customer. With enough of this "brainwashing" repetition, a customer is molded to select the brand that is most familiar over any other, many times without even consciously thinking about it.

Use Motorsports Marketing To Promote Your Company - 75% Of Race Fans Will Go Out Of Their Way To Buy Sponsor's Products !

The Bottom Line Is: Motorsports Is A Way Better Buy ( 2 to 4 Times Typically ) Than Conventional Ad Promotions !

If you have interest in using Motorsports Marketing through Sponsorship with either a race series or race team please contact us so that we can answer any of your questions. Let us help build your company a sponsorship package that fits it's needs and provides the exposure that it is looking for. The Possibility's Are Endless !